The Sun in the Signs Interpretive Guidelines

THE SIGN POSITION OF THE SUN: How one is (the individual's tone of being) and how one experiences life & expresses one's individuality

Interpretive Guidelines for Sun in Aries:

^^Radiates forceful, confident vitality

^^ Tries to fill need for recognition with self-assertion and direct, competitive actions

Forceful assertion of individuality is necessary for full self-expression

Identifies self as explorer, pioneer, the first to begin an adventure; quickly grasps essentials

May antagonize others with too-forceful expression of individuality

Interpretive Guidelines for Sun in Taurus:

©Vitality is rooted in earthy physical sensations

Needs to be recognized for reliability, ability to produce

Creative expression results in tangible objects or in gathered

^^ resources

Takes pride in possessions, assets, and in one's own stability

Expression of individuality can be hindered by hesitation and reluctance to change

Interpretive Guidelines for Sun in Gemini:

©Creative energy directed toward perception, acquiring facts, asking questions, and toward finding connections

"TT between ideas

Needs to express self verbally, and to receive recognition for intellectual abilities

Radiates changeable, talkative, mental energy

Free connection of ideas and a wide variety of social contacts are necessary for full self-expression

Sustained effort in one area is difficult to maintain due to a wide variety of interests

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