The Sign Position Of Mercury How One Thinks Communicates

Interpretive Guidelines for Mercury in Aries:

W Communicates assertively, forcefully, directly, confidently

Y Restless urge for action underlies energetic way of speaking and creative use of skills

Confrontation and forceful release of energy are necessary in order to learn; capacity to intuitively grasp essentials

Reasoning ability is colored by a self-willed release of energy toward new experience; daring new thoughts are therefore often preferred

Establishing true give-and-take with others can be hindered by insensitive and inconsiderate self-assertion

Interpretive Guidelines for Mercury in Taurus:

W Communicates carefully, making sure of each word before

V saying it; slow expression of one's thoughts

0A need to learn slowly and deliberately can limit the variety of one's perceptions

A retentive, steady mind, based on consolidation of ideas; brings ideas down to earth for practical application

Urge to express one's perceptions of physical sensations; tangibly savoring one's words while speaking

The need to establish connections with others is restricted by a reluctance to share self freely and spontaneously

Interpretive Guidelines for Mercury in Gemini:

W Communicates fluently, quickly, cleverly, and intelligently—

Y sometimes superficially

JJUrge to express perceptions immediately

Needs to learn through establishing and identifying connections among people and ideas

Changeably curious mind expresses itself through friendly interactions with others and through endless questions

High level of nervous energy is expressed through talking, writing, or other forms of manual/mental dexterity

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