The Ruler of the Ascendant

The planet that is associated with the Rising Sign is so important that it has been known traditionally as the "Ruler of the Chart"* or the birth chart's "Ruling Planet." By its sign and house position, it invariably colors the individual's entire approach to life. Once you have tuned in on and accepted the field of experience and the type of energy represented by the ruling planet and its house and sign, you begin to feel more alive, more motivated to express yourself, and more inwardly secure and true to yourself.

Ruling Planet's Sign Position: Reveals an energy attunement and specific qualities that are powerfully important and even dominant in many cases. This sign shows a primary motivating energy in the person's actions and self-expression.

Ruling Planet's House Position: Shows a field of experience where much of one's life energy and effort manifest, and where one will encounter life activities and issues that are deeply important. One must be active in this area of life in order to express and stimulate many essential energies and abilities.

Actually, the ASC and its ruling planet must always be considered together, as one interpretive unit. For example, a Gemini Rising with Ruling Planet Mercury in Pisces will usually be

*If your Ascendant is one of those which has both an ancient ruler and a modern ruler, such as Scorpio, Pisces, and Aquarius, you should look at the house positions of both of them, for both will be at least somewhat emphasized in the person's life. However, look especially to the ancient ruler's sign position because that sign will always be much stronger than the sign of the modern ruler, assuming other emphases are not present. For example, if you have Scorpio rising, your Mars sign is generally much more important in your personal make-up than is your Pluto sign, unless another major factor is in the Pluto sign. With the Pluto in Leo generation, for instance, not every one of them with Scorpio rising is particularly Leonine in their individual nature and personality. But in every case of Scorpio rising, the Mars sign is especially powerful; that energy flows assertively through them in every case; that energy is projected with special emphasis in every one of them.

more imaginative, psychically sensitive, and absent-mindedly confused than a Gemini Rising with Mercury in Taurus, where the mind will function more slowly and practically. [I call these Gemini Rising with a Pisces "Subtone" and Gemini Rising with a Taurus '' Subtone.''] For another example, a Cancer Rising with Ruling Planet Moon in Libra is likely to be more detached and more diplomatic than Cancer Rising with Moon in Aries, which is so impulsive and often tactless. (I would call these two examples a Cancer Rising with a Libra "Subtone" and a Cancer Rising with an Aries "Subtone.")

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