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The Earth signs rely heavily on their senses and practical reason. Their innate understanding of how the material world functions gives the Earth signs more patience and self-discipline than other signs. The Earth element tends to be cautious, pre-meditative, rather conventional, and usually dependable. Knowing their niche in the world is especially important to the Earth signs, for security remains a constant goal for them throughout their lives.



Deep emotion, empathy & feeling response

KEY WORDS: sensitivity realizes the reality of the unconscious and/or unconscious of reality intuition purification & purgation psychic sensitivity deep reflection habitual secrecy & need for privacy ability for compassionate service need for emotional involvement with others



Key Concepts for the Planets


SUN: Vitality; sense of individuality;

creative energy, radiant inner self (attunement of soul); essential values

MOON: Reaction; sub-conscious predisposition; feeling about self (self-image); conditioned responses

Communication; conscious mind (i.e., logical or rational mind)

VENUS: Emotionally-colored tastes; values; exchange of energy with others through giving of self and receiving from others; sharing

MARS: Desire; will toward action; initiative; physical energy; drive

Expansion; grace

Urges Represented Urge to be and to create

Urge to feel inner support; domestic and emotional security urge

Urge to express one's perceptions and intelligence through skill or speech

Social and love urge; urge to express affections; urge for pleasure

Self-assertive and aggressive urge; sex urge; urge to act decisively

Urge toward a larger order or to connect self with something greater than self

Needs Symbolized

Need to be recognized and to express self

Need for emotional tranquility and sense of belonging; need to feel right about self

Need to establish connections with others; need to learn

Need to feel close to another; need to feel comfort and harmony; need to give of self's emotions

Need to achieve desires; need for physical and sexual excitement

Need for faith, trust, and confidence in life and self; need to improve self














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Positive-Negative Expression of Planetary Principles

Each planetary principle can be expressed positively and creatively or negatively and self-destructively. In other words, one's attunement to each dimension of experience may be in harmony with higher law or in a state of disharmony and discord. This results in the creative use or in the misuse of these various ener-■* gies, forces, and attunements. The aspects to each planet must be analyzed in order to understand the degree of harmony or discord present within the individual.

Positive Expression

SUN: Radiation of spirit;

creative and loving pouring forth of self

MOON: Responsiveness; inner contentment; flowing, adaptable sense of self

MERCURY: Creative use of skill or intelligence; reason and power of discrimination used to serve higher ideals; ability to come to agreement through objective understanding and clear verbal expression

VENUS: Love; give and take with others; sharing; generosity of spirit

Negative Expression

Pride; arrogance; excessive desire to be special

Oversensitivity; insecurity; inaccurate, inhibiting sense of self

Misuse of skill or intelligence; amorality through rationalization of anything; opinionated and one-sided "communication"

Self-indulgence; greed; emotional demands; inhibition of affections

Positive Expression

Negative Expression

MARS: Courage; initiative; willpower consciously directed toward legitimate aim

JUPITER: Faith; reliance on higher power or greater plan; openness to grace; optimism; openness to self s need for improvement

SATURN: Disciplined effort; acceptance of duties and responsibilities; patience; organization; reliability

URANUS: Attunement to truth;

originality; inventiveness; directed experimentation; respect for freedom

NEPTUNE: Attunement with the whole; realization of spiritual dimension of experience; all-encompassing compassion; living an ideal

PLUTO: Acceptance of the need to focus one's mind and will power on one's own transformation; having the courage to face one's deepest desires and compulsions and to transmute them through effort and intensity of experience

Impatience; willfulness; violence; improper use of force or threats

Over-confidence; laziness; scattering energy; leaving the work to others; irresponsibility; over-extending self or promising too much

Self-restriction through too much reliance on self and lack of faith; rigidity; coldness; defensivenes; crippling inhibition, fearfulness, and negativity

Willfulness; restless impatience; constant need for excitement and purposeless change; rebellion; extremism

Self-destructive escapism; evasion of responsibilities and self s deepest needs; refusal to face one's motives and to commit self to anything

Compulsive expression of subconscious cravings; willful manipulation of others to serve one's own ends; ruthlessly using any means to avoid the pain of facing one's self; infatuation with power

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