Moon Uranus Interchanges

One's reactions are always tinged with a streak of original-^ ity and unpredictability

JRThe need for unrestrained self-expression furthers or interferes with attaining inner support, security, and tranquility

[These aspects manifest in some very unusual, and sometimes dramatic, ways. There is a gnawing desire to change over one's identity in a radical way, and to rid oneself of all past encumbrances and conditioning. The urge to leave the past behind can be so strong that one changes one's name, symbolizing the desire to leave behind the old self-image. These people usually find it hard to be happy in the present since they are always powerfully aware of the impact of the past (the Moon) and the future (Uranus). The restlessness is often profound, since they are generally comfortable only when experiencing intense excitement; but that can of course wear out the body and the mind!]

Moon-Neptune Interchanges

^ An urge to escape the limitations of the physical world per-^ vades one's emotional responses; there can be great devo-^^ tion to an ideal

Self-image blends with the attempt to realize the spiritual dimension of experience and is secure only when the ideals come into focus

Moon-Pluto Interchanges

Profound and deep responses; emotional security is related to a complete transformation and rebirth within oneself


^r Inner contentment comes with acceptance of the need to focus one's emotions and willpower on remolding one's reaction patterns and eliminating old feelings and images

[A very interesting study could be based on these aspects, especially the challenging ones, with regard to the person's attitudes and emotions about parents and parenting. I have seen numerous people who have Moon conjunct or opposite Pluto who have a compulsion to mother people, but yet feel turmoil about it and often a deep fear of parenthood. In some cases, there has been a complete rejection of parenthood as an option (in both men and women), even when the person was comfortably married. There is sometimes a compulsive need for security but also a profound fear of dependency and loss. Sometimes there is a feeling of rejection by a parent (usually the mother) very early in life.]

Moon-Ascendant Interchanges

Perceptive intuitions color the approach to life, and a great sensitivity to the environment affects the moods strongly

The mode of self-expression in the outer world is affected by emotional and security urges, and the subconscious predispositions need to be expressed outwardly

Aspects with Mercury

The aspects with Mercury are a good indicator, not so much of the person's level of intelligence (as some astrologers and astrology books would have us believe), but rather of the person's ability to express and communicate. There are, after all, some very intelligent quiet people who may not have a particularly energized Mercury. Aspects with Mercury show how the conscious mind is attuned and how one expresses and communicates the flow of thought. Mercury is also important as a significator of the ability to coordinate all mental and physical functions, and it is known to correspond to the nervous system in general. A study of many professional athletes has shown me that powerful Mercury aspects (especially conjunctions) are very common, and yet these people are by no means intellectuals! But their mind/body coordination is exceptional.

Mercury-Venus Interchanges

W Urge to express one's intelligence is heightened by one's abil-+ ity to share with and understand others

? Tries to feel close to another through good communication and pleasant interchanges—a harmonious intellect striving for balance

Mercury-Mars Interchanges

W Conscious mind blends with physical energy (possibly good V hand-eye coordination), stimulating both powerfully—an energized intellect

The need to act decisively helps focus the learning process and all communication

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