Interpretive Guidelines for Moon in

TV Reacts warmly, generously, enthusiastically

^¡f Feeling of emotional security comes from pride and con-Çy fidence in self

Puts much creative energy into the environment and can be supportive and encouraging toward others

Adapts to life by dramatizing, creating new situations, using humor to entertain others

Confident, creative, self-image underlies all actions—often a childlike simplicity

Constant radiation of proud, outgoing feelings can interfere with ones receptivity

Interpretive Guidelines for Moon in Virgo:

^ Reacts with practical adaptation to all stimuli

Responds analytically to all experiences; needs a sense of TTlf order in the environment to feel comfortable

* Refines emotional reactions in order to perfect their expression

Serving others and being helpful contribute to positive self-image and help overcome innate tendency toward guilt and self-doubt

Feels secure through analysis of the physical and emotional world, and through making definite, concrete improvements

Need to dissect emotions can inhibit responsiveness

Interpretive Guidelines for Moon in Libra:

Reacts with objectivity to the environment and all ex-■M periences, with a strongly developed sense of fairness n Thinks before reacting; weighs all sides of a situation, which can contribute to indecisiveness

Finding balance and harmonization of polarities is necessary for emotional tranquility; eager to please and to see the other's point of view

Feels secure when involved in close relationships; uncomfortable being alone for long

Emphasis on gracious demeanor can inhibit spontaneity of emotional reactions and real intimacy

Interpretive Guidelines for Moon in Scorpio:

"^N Reacts intensely, passionately, with controlled emotional

^ power

Self-image affected by complex, turbulent emotions; confidence sometimes undermined by negative emotions or supported by passionate sense of purpose

Depth of feelings and secretiveness contribute to person's mystique and charisma

A need to deeply penetrate experiences leads to comprehension of underlying motives or to imagining all sorts of fearful motives in others

Feels nurtured when giving and/or receiving intense emotional energy

Fear of vulnerability and losing control can lead to emotional repression

Interpretive Guidelines for Moon in Sagittarius:

"^N Reacts enthusiastically and idealistically, based on beliefs and philosophy pinner contentment felt when aspiring toward or promoting one's ideals, or when progressing toward one's future goals

Subconscious predisposition to question, to search for meaning—an innate broad-minded, tolerant, buoyant attitude toward life

Feels comfortable when exploring, travelling, being outdoors; loves a sense of freedom

Orientation toward emotional beliefs can lead to gullibility, arrogance, fanaticism, or a pretentious preachiness

Interpretive Guidelines for Moon in Capricorn:

Reacts with self-control and determination; sometimes reacts

■JJ automatically with severe negativity

Needs to manipulate the world and others in order to feel secure, comfortable, and to achieve one's goals; can set aside personal concerns to fulfill duties

Controlled response to experience; cautiously projects authoritative, determined energy

Feels comfortable in role of provider, protector; habitually takes control of situations

Dominant emotional need to be on top or to be an authority can limit capacity for intimacy and emotional nurturing

Interpretive Guidelines for Moon in Aquarius:

^ Reacts unpredictably, eccentrically, and with detached objec-

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