Interpretive Guidelines for Mars in

Asserts self dramatically, warmly, radiantly, expressively, Q arrogantly

Expressing desires is strongly colored by pride and an urge 0 \ for recognition

Initiative and drive are expressed confidently, with creative flair and abundant vitality

Needs to be complimented and appreciated for sexual, physical, or creative prowess; physical and sexual energy is stimulated by attention and demonstrative generosity

Needs to express oneself assertively and dynamically in order to achieve one's desires; often becomes pushy and too dominating toward others

Interpretive Guidelines for Mars in Virgo:

Asserts self modestly, helpfully, analytically, dutifully— O sometimes with petty criticism

Decisiveness, initiative, and method of operation are colored by perfectionism and fine discrimination

Strong actions can be hindered by self-criticism and over-attentiveness to details

An underlying need to serve influences the physical energy and the willpower; ability to work hard and vigorously with practical intelligence

Need to strive toward perfection in order to achieve desires

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