Interpretive Guidelines for Jupiter in Virgo

Seeks to grow and improve oneself through spontaneous ¿J. helpfulness, dutiful service, and a disciplined approach to self-development

Humbly stays open to grace from a higher power, and naturally trusts the value of regular work and self-discipline

Expansive need for perfection motivates openness to self-improvement

Over-attention to detail can inhibit connection with a larger order, but usually has a well-developed critical faculty without excessive pettiness

Has an innate understanding of the appropriate use of one's analytical and discriminative abilities

Interpretive Guidelines for Jupiter in Libra:

0% f Seeks to grow and improve oneself through a balanced and objective attitude, fair-mindedness, and a diplomatic ^^ approach

— One's faith is enhanced through a balanced, impartial, broad-minded attitude

Opportunities arise through one's close relationships, and the capacity for sincere one-to-one interchange is usually well-developed

Urge toward a larger order is expressed through sharing, cooperation, and encouraging others—sometimes through art or beauty

A need to weigh all sides of a question may undermine confident expansive actions and decisive thinking

Interpretive Guidelines for Jupiter in Scorpio:

f Seeks to grow and improve oneself through transmutation

/1 of desires and compulsions and by unusually thorough understanding of life's inner workings

Opportunities come through one's ability to shrewdly judge people and situations—a well-developed sense of resourcefulness and opportunism

Optimistic expansion and developing faith can be hindered by fear, secrecy, and the inability to open up emotionally; but Jupiter often expresses the nobler and more elevated qualities of Scorpio

Urge to connect with something greater than self is expressed through intensity of experience and depth of feeling;

trust in a higher power comes through seeking and confronting that intensity

Need to tap into a powerful transformative energy in order to have confidence in self

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