Interpretive Guidelines for Jupiter in Taurus

Seeks to grow and improve oneself through productivity, steadiness, and reliability

NOTE: The importance of Jupiter in the birth chart is underestimated in interpretation and in tradition. It actually guides us into the future and motivates future growth and development, especially along idealistic lines. Jupiter's deeper meanings are neglected, for the most part, and this is why these guidelines are sometimes more elaborate and detailed than those for other planets. In some ways, Jupiter is too simple a principle for a complex age, and it is too philosophical for a relativistic, materialistic age.

The Jupiter sign of any person is always a powerful personality tone. That sign's qualities often pervade the individual's personality and character. In many cases, the person has that sign's energy, abilities, and qualities in quite a highly developed state, although they will often be taken for granted by the person since that comes so easily and naturally. In short, not in all cases but in the majority of people, Jupiter elevates and enobles and thus expresses the more generous and positive side of its sign.

f Urge to connect self with a larger order is fulfilled through deep appreciation of the physical world; has a highly-

0 developed sensuality

Attempting to improve life solely through money, possessions, and luxury can lead to an overly-materialistic attitude and wastefulness

Has a broad and tolerant understanding of human nature and basic human needs for pleasure

Trust in life is enhanced by communication with nature and a simple existence; expresses the more noble and generous qualities of Taurus

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