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Yoga and the Three Bodies

Yoga in the Vedic system is-a science of meditation aimed at Self-realization or union with the Divine as its ultimate goal.12 Yoga or spiritual practice of any genuine type is the main concern of the soul or the . causal body, the immortal part of our nature, whose intentions go beyond physical or psychological well-being to our eternal welfare. Yoga begins with the balancing and clearing of the physical body through various asanas or yoga postures in order to provide the foundation of health necessary to support its deeper practices. In this regard Yoga interfaces with Ayurveda and its healing approaches. On this physical foundation, Yoga uses pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (control of the senses), and dharana (concentration of the mind) for working on the subtlaor astral body. Through developing more prana and through focusing the mind as in the practice of mantra, Yoga can help us change the energy pattern of the subtle body. Such yogic approaches are important remedial...

Planetary Yogas

Often more important than aspects in Vedic astrology are planetary yogas . These are complex planetary combinations that consider many factors including sign, house and aspect. Yoga itself means combination . Many yogas are defined purely in terms of houses. For example, if the lord of the second house of income is in the twelfth house of loss and the lord of the twelfth house of loss is in the second house of income, this is a yoga for poverty. Many yogas require an exchange of signs between the two planets but not necessarily an aspect between them. Many Hindu astrology books contain long lists of these yogas, which astrologers often memorize. Yet even when they exist in a chart they may require other supporting factors to be really effective. It is more important to understand the principle behind yogas than to memorize specific yogas. All chart interpretation, which must involve synthesizing or correlating indications in the chart, is like a building up of yogas. The more the same...

Lunar Yogas

Many planetary yogas involve the Moon. The Moon is a sensitive, gregarious and motherly planet. She does not like to be alone or to function on her own. An unassociated Moon is generally inauspicious, often even if she is otherwise well-placed. For example, the Moon in Cancer or Taurus may not be good if she has no benefic planets around her or influencing her. She is more inauspicious if only aspected by malefics, if in difficult houses like the sixth, eighth or twelfth, if in her fall in Scorpio or in unfriendly signs. The Moon does well in conjunction with benefic planets or with benefics in adjacent signs. It does better if Jupiter is located an angle from her (what is called Keshan Yoga ). Aspected or hemmed in by malefics, particularly Saturn and Rahu, she suffers and with her our mind and emotions suffer. Many of the same issues occur if the ascendant is similarly influenced.

Jupiterian Yogas

Some of the best yogas in a horoscope are formed as a result of the Jupiterian influence. The most outstanding yoga relating to Jupiter is known as Gajakesari. If the Moon is in angle or kendra position from Jupiter, the person is formidable to his opponents, he is eloquent in speech, intelligent in his approach and able in his dealings. He occupies high status in life and is famous. Hansa yoga occurs when Jupiter occupies its own house or is in exaltation and is located either in trin or in angle from the ascendant or Moon. The result of this yoga is a beautiful body and the person also enjoys a status like that of a king and is liked by many persons and he is religious in his disposition. Saraswati Yoga occurs when Jupiter, Venus and Mercury occupy 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th or 10th either jointly or severally while Jupiter is in its own, exalted or friendly sign. Results of this yoga are that the native becomes a poet, famous, learned in many sciences, skilled, rich, praised by...

Mahapurusha Yogas

Among the most common and most useful of the yogas are the Mahapurusha yogas, the planetary combinations that create great people . These occur when planets are located in their own sign or exalted and at the same time in an angle from the ascendant or the Moon. Only the five major planets are considered, not the Sun or the Moon, but these also benefit from such positions. Such positions serve to magnify the qualities of the planet involved and stamp the chart with its nature, character and force. They may make the person of the type belonging to the planet. People with such charts often have the physical characteristics of the planet. The Mahapurusha Yoga for Mars is called Ruchaka Yoga , the radiant combination . It endows a person with strong martian qualities like courage, daring, force of will, decisiveness, determination, independence, leadership, power of action and achievement. Naturally it is common in the charts of martian type people military leaders, generals, politicians,...

Raja Yoga

When a planet rules both a trine and a quadrant sign (apart from the ascendant), it gains a special power. It becomes a Raja Yoga Karaka or significator of great power. It can confer status, power and prestige. In the most literal sense, it For some Ascendants one planet by itself can produce Raja Yoga. Such planet is a doubly powerful temporal benefic. Saturn for Gemini and Libra Venus for Capricorn and Aquarius and Mars for Cancer and Leo, have such power. For Aries and Scorpio, Raja Yoga is produced by the combination of the Sun and the Moon. Other combinations of rulers of trine and quadrant lords (particularly the lord of the ninth with the lord of the tenth) can create Raja Yoga when well placed, and usually when the planet does not rule other bad houses.

Astro lo gu tjurveAa ano

BOTH Vedic astrology and Ayurvedic medicine are part of the greater system of Yoga, a system which aims at Self-realization, our union with the Divine Being within us as the ultimate goal of life. For this reason we can call Ayurveda 'yogic medicine' and Vedic astrology 'yogic astrology'. Ayurveda is concerned with our connection to the Divine Self as the source of all life within us, and Jyotish (Vedic astrology) with our union with the Divine Self as the source of all light and therefore all activity and manifestation in the external world. In this chapter we will examine how these three systems Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic astrology interrelate to provide us with an effective and comprehensive methodology to deal with our karma in life, which is manifold on many levels, without and within. All Vedic disciplines aim at helping us understand, adjust to and, to the extent that it is possible, transform our karma.

Positive Sides Of Rahu And Ketu

On the positive side, the influence of Rahu can put us in harmony with collective trends and give popularity, prestige, fame and power. It imparts an almost psychic sensitivity to mass trends and a capacity to use them. Ketu, in the positive sense, can create great powers of concentration, powerful perception, independence, the capacity to transcend external influences, psychic and spiritual insight. In terms of yoga and the spiritual life it ultimately becomes the

2 The Nine Planetary Types

Mercury types are good at business, trade and commerce and like to keep their accounts in order. With their strong sense of consideration and their desire to create harmony, they can become excellent doctors and nurses. They love nature, particularly plants and are good at gardening. They have a refined sense of taste, which can be expressed through poetry, music or design. They are often interested in Yoga, mantra and other tools for improving their minds. While not specifically spiritual in orientation, they have an inquisitive nature that if directed toward the spiritual path can take them far.

Cancer The Sign Of Dizzy Heights And Profound Depths

As teachers, the suceess of Cancer-people is marked. Even otherwise, the sign helps at the deeper levels of meditation. Even those who are not trained in meditations practices could be found relapsing into brooding, day-dreaming and deep thinking. Emotional excitement, aggressive designs and pursuits for self-glorification maybe dangerous for such persons. Though Mars is debilitated in Cancer, it is a yoga-karaka for this ascendent, being the lord of its 5th and 10th houses. Obviously. Cancer ascendents would succeed well if they come out of their personal self and work courageously with initiative in activities connected with the earth, or in such trades as agriculture, transport, warfare, medicine and mechanical engineering. Success in these spheres would be forthcoming mainly because the attitude of Cancer-people is detached. They will make very good advisors, leaders, scientists, inventors and even as painters.

Mars through the zodiac

Yoga is advisable for those who have Mars in Virgo, to channel nervous enery. Yoga is advisable for those who have Mars in Virgo, to channel nervous enery. This placing gives a tremendous ability to work hard, and a need to do so. If for some reason this is not possible, the individual will suffer from restlessness. Here too are considerable reserves of nervous energy, which, if expressed through a rewarding career or study, will facilitate excellent results but awareness that stress and tension easily catches up with them is important early symptoms emerge as indigestion or stomach upsets. To counter this, yoga or some other relaxing discipline is advisable, and

The Planets as Energy Regulators

Man has long been conceived of as a microcosm of the entire universe. Ancient yoga speaks of the chakras (or energy centers) within each person and many esoteric schools of thought have correlated various chakras with certain planets. This is so because the planets are related to us by the same vibratory energy waves which are latent within us and to which we respond. These chakras, therefore, are the centers within us which correspond to certain centers of energy in the solar system. The sign that a particular planet is in reveals the attunement of that energy wave or force within us. The planets generally symbolize basic forces or active centers in our solar system which manifest as fundamental psychological functions, urges, needs, and motivators. The planets in the signs serve, as it were, as primary stimuli in the energy fields of the signs. They symbolize the universal principles which regulate all energy functions in any organic whole. Another way of expressing this is to say...

Chakras and the Exaltation Points of the Planets

Finally, we should recognize that the actual opening of the chakras is a matter connected to the practice of the higher limbs of yoga. The chakras cannot be fully activated by the usage of gems, herbs or external influences, however helpful these may be for ordinary health purposes. The. yogic powers of the chakras are only unfolded by Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation. Such an inner experience of the chakras requires a concentrated spiritual practice (sadhana) grounded in inner peace and connected to an authentic guide and enlightenment tradition.33

Meaning And Usage Of Harmonic Charts

This is said traditionally to be the chart of Upasana or devotional meditation. It indicates the religious development of the soul and our capacity for the yoga of devotion (bhakti yoga). It often shows our religious tendencies from past lives and the religions we have associated with. It shows the Shakti, the goddess-energy, at work in our lives and thereby indicates our capacity to surrender to the Divine will. It helps indicate the form of the Divine that we are inclined to worship (ishta devata). It can also show creative and artistic capacity. This is said traditionally to be the chart of mental or meditational achievements, including the siddhis or psychic powers. In the higher sense this is the chart of spiritual knowledge and shows the spiritual development of the soul from past lives. It shows our capacity for and development of the yoga of knowledge (jnana yoga). It is the most important harmonic chart for ascertainment of spiritual nature and the potential for...

Deities for the Planets a Universal View

Each planet represents an inner archetype that we must integrate within ourselves for wholeness and transformation. Each represents a particular part of our psyche that we must understand and honor with its appropriate place within us. Each represents a certain stage in spiritual growth and a particular approach along the path of Yoga. Until we have mastered the forces and qualities of all the planets, we npust be bound to the cycle of time, death and rebirth (samsara).

Libra The Dynamic Balance Of The Cosmic Dance

This may cause immense harm to the society in which they live. This could however be controlled by developing the absorptive capacity for the great spiritual forces flowing through the sign That is, the Libra ascendants must direct their attention towards acquiring the technique of assimilating spiritual power. They must leam Yoga. They are capable of doing so. They are suited admirably well for this practice. In the absence of such controls it is belter that the latent powers are not tapped. It is universally accepted that the colossal destructive power of Adolf Hitler would have increased manifold if he were aware of the enormous occult power at his command . India has already seen how Mahaima Gandhi used his soul-energy to subjugate, subordinate and bend individuals and organizations to accepting what he wanted. If unconsciously motivated individuals could produce such results, a conscious knowledge of the latent powers in the Libra ascendants...

Appendix C Astrology Polarity Therapy

The clairvoyant Eileen Garrett in her book Awareness has described energy centers in the human body identical to the chakras of yoga traditions and to the concepts expressed in Dr. Stone's books. She states Though there are many therapies, there is but one kind of healing. Whether one treats a man in his physical organism or in his psychological states, one aims at the reintegration of the forces of his life. These life forces are considered by Dr. Stone to be the very four elements that comprise the foundation of all astrological theory. The elements are correlated with specific functions physically and psychologically and also with certain energy centers (chakras) in the total energy field. According to Dr. Stone, the four elements (called the tattwas in Sanskrit) are the field and structural tissues of anatomy. They support the life winds of 'prana' that flow through our body. They are the invisible builders of all life's structures and must operate in harmony with one another if...

L Which Gemstones to Wear Basic Rules

For example, if Saturn is located in its debility in Aries for a Libra Ascendant, its gemstone can be worn because it is a Raja Yoga Karaka (a ruler of good angular and trine houses that gives power and success in life). On the other hand, if Saturn is positioned in Aries for a Leo Ascendant, it would be better to wear a gemstone for Mars (the ruler of Aries) instead if one wanted to compensate for the weak Saturn because Saturn is not a good planet for Leo.

American Institute of Vedic Studies

The American Institute of Vedic Studies is an educational center, directed by Dr. David Frawley, devoted to the greater systems of Vedic and Yogic knowledge. It teaches related aspects of Vedic Science including Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Vedanta with a special reference to their background in the Vedas. It offers articles, books, Yoga and Ayurveda The interface of all eight limbs of classical Yoga with Ayurvedic medicine for body and mind. Vedic Yoga Restoring the ancient Vedic Yoga that is the foundation for the Yoga tradition.

The Main strological Remedial Mea5Ure

Vedic gem therapy is primarily an astrological measure, though gems are also used in Ayurveda, Yoga and other Vedic disciplines. In the Vedic view, without first understanding the astrological affects of gems, it is not possible to use them in the best possible manner. While much new information on gem therapy has come out in recent years, particularly in New Age publications, much of it remains speculative. The Vedic system of gem therapy, on the other hand, has proven itself through both astrological and Ayurvedic applications over a period of several thousand years. It can help us use gems with greater beneficial effect, however we approach them.

Sporty or Intellectual

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges we can enjoy with them is to keep fit. Therefore, sessions at the gym will have quite an edge as we try to do our best in going faster and longer on the cycle machines, or hold difficult yoga poses for longer durations, and so on. By tradition, Sagittarians are the archers and riders of the zodiac, and if they are interested in these sports, they certainly will become extremely proficient.

Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology

Ayurveda is called the mother of all healing because it embraces all forms of healing including diet, herbs, bodywork, surgery, psychology and Yoga. It accepts anything internally or externally that promotes health, well-being and happiness. Ayurveda explores the qualities and effects not only of foods, medicines and behavior but also of climates, the weather and the stars (astrology). Ayurveda provides an integral mind-body system of both diagnosis and treatment. First it shows us our individual constitution according to the three doshas or biological humors of Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water), as well as how this constitution is affected by everything from genetics to environment and emotions. Then it outlines various treatment measures to enable us to achieve optimal health and vitality. These treatments range from simple dietary measures to complex herbs and special purification procedures. Ayurveda aims not only at the cure and prevention of disease but also at...

Of Aquarius And Uranus

SUN Here are private people, who are at their best working behind-the-scenes. They need peace and quiet - in whatever form suits them as individuals - and their own space this is especially important to them if they are creative. MOON Even if these individuals are extrovert they must recognize the need to refresh their spirit. A discipline such as yoga will be restorative, as will going on retreats or taking up an engrossing hobby. MERCU RY Conflict can occur between the logic of Mercury and the emotional and spiritual content of the Twelfth House. However, the two can come together if there is a love of poetry and literature, or indeed a talent for writing. VENUS Secrecy is common, especially if these individuals are involved in love affairs. Sometimes there is inhibition and shyness - often in respect of their own creative work - designs, fashion, and so on. MARS Here is secretiveness and difficulty in unburdening problems as a result, anger and stress will tend to build up. If...

Biographical Information

His interests extend to other Vedic fields, including Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra and Vedic Studies. Notably, Dr. Frawley's work has received a rare recognition in India, where he has been honored as one of the most important Vedic teachers today. He the director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Neptune in the Ninth House

Neptune in the Ninth House is both imaginative and insightful (and may be prophetically visionary) and is often drawn to philosophical questions that are not easily answered. This placement, in fact, is often associated with mystical forms of religion, meditation, cults, or yoga. With their capacity for tolerance and love of travel, people with Neptune here relate well to foreigners. They're also interested in social reform. They have very strongly intuitive minds. But if challenged by aspect, there can be problems from following misguided spiritual leaders or neglecting to pursue higher education.

Chapter M Leo The Individualisation Sign

In many ancient scriptures, the lion is represented asadeepfy occult symbol. In the Indian scriptures Lord Mahadeva is clothed in a lion's skin. Yoga Maya, Durga. Kali and many other female deities representing the Nature's negative creative powers have often lion as their vehicle.

Vedic Parable

Relative to the practice of Yoga, the horse's head is a symbol of the soul that sacrifices its bodily identity to unite with the higher Self. The horse's head is the soul that transcends the limitations of time and space and becomes free to travel at will through the entire universe, like the Sun, as a being of light. More specifically, the cut off head is the opened crown chakra through which the honey bliss or Soma flows. The Madhu Vidya or honey knowledge is that of the supreme Bliss of the Self. It is an important Vedantic teaching, starting with the oldest Upanishads.6 .


On the higher level, the Sun represents our soul as our power of direct cognition. It shows our aspirations, our creativity, our seeking for light and for truth, our integrity, our capacity to transcend external conditionings and be a light unto ourselves. The Sun is who we really are, and with the Sun in the chart is the problem of identity, the search for our true Self, the great enquiry Who am I . It is this inner search that is the real basis for the psychology of astrology. The Sun directs us towards the yoga of knowledge for the revelation of our inner being.

The Kalacakra

Diskyi khorlo) means 'Wheel of Time. This text is not simply an astrological treatise, but ,i complete system of Tantric teaching and practice belonging to the class of non-dual Anutlara Yoga Tantra, the highest of the Tantras. 2. in the perfection stage (dzoyriin), continuing to visualize himself as the deity, he practices the yoga of the channels, winds aadl e wtwUl drops. By means of this practice, he trans-tofHis his internal elements and cotnes to realize the state in


Scorpio is a very profound and mysterious sign. As the negative or physical side of Mars, Scorpio people are often soldiers, policemen or athletes. They like to use their martial force on a physical level and can be prone to the use of force. They usually have good muscles and like to exercise. When mentally developed they have a good capacity for research and inquiry and may become chemists or surgeons. More evolved Scorpio types like to explore the depths of the mind and may have an interest in the occult and yoga (tantra). Their kundalini can often be easily aroused for good or ill. They may like trying to work with or overcome negative forces and see life as a battle between light and darkness, with which they may become obsessed. They are often fascinated with techniques or technologies for directing energy, either outwardly or inwardly. Scorpios can be very intelligent and perceptive but prefer to remain behind the scenes or do not express themselves quickly (not because they...

The Sun and Prana

The Vedas tell us that the inner Sun is Prana and that the movements of the inner Sun or our life-force are measured or metered by the movements of the outer Sun.7 This unity of the Sun, the power of time, and Prana, the force of life, reflects the unity of the external universe or macrocosm and the internal universe or microcosm. This correspondence of time (Kala) measured by the stars and life (Prana) measured by the breath is an important concept in both Vedic astrology and Ayurvedic medicine and the basis of their connection. Through it, Vedic astrology and Ayurveda mirror each other as external and internal images of light and life. These factors figure importantly in Yoga practice as well, especially in the science of Svara Yoga, though which we judge the influences of the planets based upon our breath alone.8

Christino Karen

Christino is certified Level IV by the NCGR, has a B.A. in English from Colgate University, and took graduate classes at Columbia University. She studied traditional astrology with Zoltan Mason and Robert Zoller and modern techniques with Al H. Morrison. She practices yoga and meditation and has also studied zen, Reiki, and numerology.

Esoteric Astrology

Sample speculations characteristic of the esoteric approach are the notion that the individual soul incarnates in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac in succession (Manly Palmer Hall) and that each of the zodiacal signs has an esoteric ruler, different from an exoteric ruler (Alice A. Bailey). Other significant features are utilization of the notions of reincarnation and karma to explain hard aspects and soft aspects, the correlation of the planets with the charkas (the energy centers of the Hindu yoga tradition), and a spiritual interpretation of the elements. Beyond the aforementioned thinkers, other key shapers of modern esoteric astrology are Alan Leo, Max Heindal, and Rudolf Steiner.

Planets By Ascendant

INDICATORS OF POWER RAJA YOGA KARAKAS INDICATORS OF WEALTH DHANA YOGA KARAKAS When a planet rules over two houses of wealth (dhana), it gets this status. Strongest is when a planet rules over houses 2 and 11 (the houses of livelihood and gain). Mercury for Leo Ascendants and Jupiter for Aquarius gain this status. Planets which rule houses 2 and 5, or 2 and 9 gain this power to a lesser extent. These are Mercury for Taurus ascendant, Jupiter for Scorpio, Venus for Virgo, and Mars for Pisces. Dhana yogas depend upon the ruler of the second, as the second mainly determines wealth. The eleventh as the house of income, the fifth as giving gains through speculation and the ninth as giving luck and unexpected windfalls, are also to be considered. INDICATORS OF KNOWLEDGE JNANA YOGA KARAKAS Jnana is spiritual knowledge. Jnana yoga karakas give spiritual and other A* Very Auspicious, Raja Yoga Karaka, I* Very Inauspicious

The Veil Of Saturn

Among the several yogas associated with Saturn, the most important are those that make the horoscopee an ascetic. Varahamihira states that if the lord of the sign occupied by the Moon having no aspect of other planets on itself aspects Saturn, or if Saturn aspects the lord of the sign occupied by the Moon devoid of strength, the person thus born becomes an ascetic. When the Moon occupies a decante of Saturn or is aspected by that planet, the Yoga leads to renunciation of the world. The same is the case when the Moon occupying a navamsa of Saturn or Mars is aspected by Saturn. In this yoga it may be noted that the affliction of the Moon, the planet of emotion and psychic experience by Saturn influences the person to take a detached and renunciatory attitude to worldly things. In another yoga, it is stated that when Jupiter,Moon and Lagan are aspected by Saturn and Jupiter occupies the 9th house, the person born in the Rajayoga will become a holy illustrious founder of a system of...


Syzygy traditionally referred to a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, such as occurs during a solar eclipse. By extension, it is currently applied to the alignment of any three celestial bodies in a straight line (such as occurs during eclipses and occultations). The etymology of the term is as follows The sy n , which is related to the prefix of such words as synchronic, means together -zygy derives from the Greek zugon, meaning yoke, so syzygy literally means to yoke together. This makes syzygy appear to be a macrocosmic parallel to certain yoga practices in which the internal, symbolic (microcosmic) Sun and Moon are joined together as in alternate nostril breathing, a technique said to join the Sun (right nostril) and Moon (left nostril) energies. What makes this parallel all the more striking is that both zugon and yoga ultimately derive from the same Indo-European root word yug (yoke).

Moon Sign Types

SCORPIO MOON, reflecting the sign of the Moon's debilitation, endows a person with a deep and secretive psychology, with strong and sometimes troubled emotions and some degree of anger and frustration in life. Yet it can indicate a profound or spiritual psyche, with interest in subjects like psychology, Yoga or Tantra. This is reinforced by the fact that the Moon rules the ninth house, the house of spirituality, from Scorpio.

Lords Of Houses

Many yogas or planetary combinations are stated purely in terms of house lordship. For example, when the lords of the second and eleventh houses combine it is very auspicious for wealth, as both rule houses of income. It is only of secondary import whether the planet involved is Jupiter, a natural significator of wealth, or Saturn, a natural significator of poverty. Jupiter would enhance the yoga by its natural status. Saturn would cause the yoga to manifest more slowly, with difficulty, or through such Saturnian domains as property. But the house lordship is the overriding factor.


Emerald sharpens the mind for yoga, mantra and meditation. It helps us develop the higher or spiritually discriminating aspect of the mind (buddhi) for the Yoga of knowledge and aids in teaching spiritual subjects. It is also good for developing Prana and healing energy.


Diamond is good for promoting devotion, Divine love and Bhakti Yoga. It also improves higher perception, opens us up to subtle energies and is good for Tantric practices, not just sexual but practices using the creative imagination and subtle perception including astrology.


Brihaspati, the main Vedic name for the planet Jupiter, means 'the lord (pati) of the vast or the profound (Brihat)', which indicates his role as the lord of the night sky, the brightest of the nocturnal stars. Brihaspati is the priest or guru of the Devas or Gods, the cosmic powers of light. He is the first and foremost of the human rishis, the great seers and sons of Agni or fire, who guide humanity spiritually. He is famous for his knowledge of mantra, ritual, yoga and Vedanta. Jupiter is also called Guru owing to his overall knowledge-giving and teaching role. As guru, one honors Jupiter by honoring one's guru. Jupiter also relates to Ganesha or Ganapati, the Elephant God, the first son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha, like Jupiter, is the great god of wisdom through whom we overcome all obstacles. He grants knowledge of Yoga, Astrology, Vastu, science and mathematics. He is the Divine teacher and guide and represents the cosmic intelligence working behind the world. The first and...

Medical Astrology

Ayurveda is the classical medical tradition of India, its natural healing system. It also goes back to the original ancient Vedic culture and science and has a close relationship with Vedic astrology. It contains within its vast scope all forms of healing from herbs to surgery to yoga and psychology. It provides an integral and holistic system of diagnosis and treatment, aiming not only at the cure and prevention of disease but also at rejuvenation and the mutation of the mind. Its basis is a system for determining individual constitution, for ascertaining the unique nature and health needs of each person. It provides methods of treatment which aim at enabling each individual to take responsibility for their own health, including many forms of self-care. Ayurveda and Vedic astrology are related aspects of Vedic science, the all-comprehensive cosmic science of yoga. Many astrologers in India have

Uranus In Pisces

You are very changeable, but in your heart, you always have good intentions. Intuitive, idealistic and imaginative, you have mystical tendencies and are interested in meditation, yoga and eastern philosophies. Artistic and aesthetic, this is an excellent position for acting, because you like to escape into different worlds. You can be self-sacrificing and may experience a spiritual struggle to overcome materialistic tendencies and seek other, more evolved achievements. Overly sensitive, your nervous system is touchy you need to know your limits and learn to relax both physically and emotionally. With challenging aspects, you might have a wish to escape with the help of alcohol, drugs or sex. Uranus was last in Pisces from 1919 through 1927.

Schermer Barbara

Barbara Schermer has maintained a vigorous astrological counseling practice in Chicago since 1974 and is known as an advocate and pioneer in the field of experiential astrology. She is the author of Astrology Alive A Guide to Experiential Astrology and the Healing Arts, in which she passionately advocates a holistic, soul-centered (as opposed to prediction-centered) astrology. She has extensive experience as a holistic practitioner integrating archetypal and Jungian psychology, mythology, kriya yoga, flower essences, alchemy, dreams and the arts in her work.

Ganesha Mantra

Ganesha is usually propitiated at the beginning of any activity for protection and removal of obstacles. He is worshipped before any other deities, whether for external rituals or for internal yoga practices. For honoring Ganesha, one can use the following simple name mantra. Alternatively one can use the seed mantra GLAUM ('au' pronounced like 'ou' in 'sound') for Ganesha. It is good to do this mantra of Ganesha before the planetary mantras.

Table of don tents

Chakrapani Ullal

Chapter 2 - Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga 13 Dr. Frawley has written numerous books on Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Mantra and Meditation all of which are significantly relevant to those wanting to learn and practice these ancient Vedic sciences. His current volume Ayurvedic Astrology shows how these two sciences of life and light fit together and can be used in harmony to provide a greater understanding and deeper application of eadh. The book addresses both the predictive and treatment sides of both systems with clarity and precision. Ayurveda (Vedic medicine) and Vedic astrology are closely related branches of Vedic science designed to harmonize ourselves with the greater universe of consciousness. The two have been used together throughout the centuries in India to promote balance and well-being in all aspects of our nature. This book explores the astrological aspect of Ayurvedic medicine, which is also the medical and healing aspect of Vedic astrology. For the spiritual connections...

Venus Types

Venus types are generally ethical and they often possess genuine love and devotion. However, they will bend the truth to suit their desires and like to project beauty, glamour or illusion as to what they want. Their spiritual inclinations are mainly toward the path of devotion and Divine love (Bhakti Yoga), as well as to Tantra. They incline to psychic pursuits as well and many astrologers have strong Venuses in their charts.

Power Of Ascendants

Libra is sometimes regarded as the best Ascendant to have, because for it Saturn, ruling houses 4 and 5, becomes a Raja Yoga planet, a great benefic, and the main malefic becomes Jupiter (otherwise the most benefic of planets), who cannot therefore usually do much damage. Some even consider that Jupiter can give good results for the Libra ascendant. Moreover, Libra is a quadrant sign, which gives strength. However, Libra may be the best ascendant for our capacity to affect the world, it is not necessarily the best for all other things.

The Sixth House

The sixth house relates to work and service, our capacity for karma yoga and for discipline and austerity. Well-placed planets here can aid in our spiritual evolution. Yet it may also indicate overwork or cause subservience. Benefics here tend to make us more service oriented, gentle, without enmity or self-negating. It often gives skill and intelligence but seldom gives recognition for them. It is a house of effort and shows our capacity to do great labors. It also shows our relationship with foreigners or distant relatives.

The Goat Woman

Physically, her resistance to viruses is low, and she is especially vulnerable to digestive ailments and intestinal troubles. She suffers from stomachaches, edema (due to a tendency to retain water), and endocrine hormonal imbalances. She must avoid a high-carbohydrate, starchy diet as well as sweets and baked goods. Danielle needs more sleep than other women and, like her Rabbit sisters, her emotional stability depends on leading a quiet life. Meditation, t'ai chi, yoga, and qi gong would be very beneficial to her physical and emotional health.


Katharsis, a now-defunct spiritual community, was begun in 1971 by a group of people attempting to establish a community that would focus on spiritual growth and harmony. The group obtained land near Nevada City, California, in 1974. Katharsis emphasized spiritual growth and self-realization through the study of yoga and related sciences the development of a natural lifestyle based on diet cooperative living and promotion of the practice of astrology as an aid to a fuller life. Katharsis published a solar-lunar calendar every year and sold a line of astrology products.


Saturn relates to Yama, the God of death as his overruler. Yama is sometimes regarded as the first man like Manu, himself a solar figure, or as Manu's twin brother, the death born as the shadow or background companion along with human life. Yet Yama can also grant us the power to transcend death and gain immortality, which comes through self-discipline, self-sacrifice and voluntary death while living - the spiritual qualities of Saturn which represent the practice of Yoga.

Ygi c stro ogy

According to the science of Yoga, our life-energy or Prana is our inner Sun. Our internal Prana is the light that gives life and energy to all that we do, just as the external Sun energizes the outer world. This inner Sun of Prana follows a similar movement as does the outer Sun in the sky. It circulates through the chakras of the subtle body just as the Sun does through the signs of the zodiac. The spine and chakra system constitute this inner zodiac. consciousness. In other words, the inner zodiac is the main factor with the outer zodiac being its corresponding external form. Inner astrology is more important than outer astrology and forms the basis of many powerful yoga practices. Our inner Sun of Prana moves up and down the spine and the chakra system along with each breath, traversing our inner zodiac along the way. Each breath constitutes a day for our inner Pranic Sun, with our inhalation as the day time and our exhalation as the night time. This is the astrological basis of...

Astrological Factors

Jupiter types are created by a strong Jupiter in the chart, like Jupiter located in the Ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is also placed, in its own sign (Sagittarius or Pisces) or sign of exaltation (Cancer). Jupiter ruled Ascendants (Sagittarius or Pisces) usually create Jupiter types, unless another planet aspects both the Ascendant and Jupiter. Sagittarius or Pisces Moon or Sun signs are contributing factors. Jupiter with the Moon or in an angle from it is another strengthening factor (Gaja Kesari Yoga in Vedic astrological parlance).

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

Lessons In Gnagi Yoga

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