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In an astrological chart there's nothing placed in the center, yet there is a center-force energy there. In numerology, we place the power number at the center as the number of integration and wholeness—the driving force.

What's Lisa's driving force? Her power number is 3. With a 3 at the center we begin to see that creativity and enthusiasm are her power tools. When Lisa is in her power she will be expressive, creative, and bring a happy spirit to her work, relationships, home, and to others. She will be able to fully express her power when she lives her life honoring her destiny, heart's desire, birth path, and personality numbers.

As you can see, numerology, like astrology, is an ancient system for divining knowledge about your own mystery. It is a guide—and heaven knows in this hurry-up, do-more, be-more life, it helps to have a map!

If you want to learn more about this fascinating field, be sure to check out Appendix C, "Resources for the Starry-Eyed: If You Want to Find Out More," in the back of this book for good books on numerology.

The Least You Need to Know

^ Your birth path number reveals the road you will travel in this life.

^ Your destiny is revealed in your complete name at birth.

^ Your secret ambitions are revealed by the vowels in your name.

^ Your personality is found in your name's consonants.

^ Your power number is the sum of your birth path number and your name number.

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