Who Me Evolve

Yes, you. It takes the Sun about 30 years to move through a sign, so, depending on the degree at which your Sun began, you either have already moved into a new Sun sign, or will someday. A 39-year-old with a 16303 Sun, for example, progressed into a Cancer Sun at about age 14, and at age 44 will move into a Leo Sun.

Notice how slowly this change takes place, every 30 years after the first one. Sun sign changes are major changes in how you behave, and this includes your interests, attitudes, and outlook, too. Of course, a progressed Sun never gets around the entire zodiac, because it only moves about one degree per year.

Some of the progressed Sun aspects you can expect include a helpful sextile to your natal, or birth, Sun from your progressed Sun when you're about 60. At 45, there will be a less-helpful semi-square, and, when you're 90, you'll get a square. Unless you're as old as Methuselah, though, your progressed Sun never gets much more than a quarter of the way around your chart. Still, your progressed Sun can be busy aspect-ing any of your other planets while it's progressing through your chart.

Your Moon evolves as well, in a very different way. It takes the Moon about two and a half years to move into a new sign, and about 28 years to return to its original sign. When this happens, the area of life with Cancer on the cusp (that is, the house ruled by the Moon) may have significant changes. Also, this progression occurs near another important transit at age 29, so there can be major issues coming up at this time.

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