What Transits and Progressions Have to Do with

Progressions contain the primary timing for your development and growth and show how you evolve and grow. They are generally felt internally. You may make external changes based on them, but they are like the unfolding of your astrological DNA. The timing for all of these changes is very personal, based solely on your own chart. Because evolution is slow, these are slow changes.


Progressions show how you and your chart progress throughout your life and contain the timing for your development and growth.

Transits occur when the present positions of planets overhead aspect their various positions in your birth chart. You could think of them as triggers for events in your life and the development shown by progressions.


Your progressed chart is different from your birth chart in that it moves each planet by its amount of daily travel for each year of life after the person is born. Progressions show how you evolve and develop over time.

Transits, on the other hand, are based on the movement of the planets overhead in comparison to the position of the planets in your chart. They're much faster than progressions and often act as triggers or release points for whatever themes of development your progressions are suggesting.

Transits can also appear to us as events, external matters, or issues with our environment and the people around us. Until we learn to recognize our external circumstances as metaphors for our internal self, challenging transits can feel like someone hitting us with obstacles and problems.

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