Water Bearer Wonders

How many Aquarians does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, and he has to use the latest technology to do it.

Aquarius is where you'll find the zodiac's eccentric individualists and crazy inventors. Anything out of the ordinary interests this independent sign, and Water Bearers are often trendspotters and trendsetters.

Water Bearers' fixed air represents persistent development of the intellect through communication, and their planetary influence, Uranus, means they'll be committed to innovation and change. Aquarians will often be progressive and open-minded, but that fixed quality means they'll often be fixed in their opinions as well.

Most W-Bs find Earth to be a very dense place! Most of them are 50 years or more ahead of their time, and talking to the rest of us can seem like a difficult and laborious process. Aquarians often feel like they're visiting from another planet, because their ideas are so advanced. Trouble is, sometimes they forget their missions once they get here and find out how dense this place really is!

So why is it that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is an air sign, not a water sign? Good question. But look at this sign's symbol, —, to find your answer. This water is in the form of waves, which are caused by wind: the motion of air on water. These wavy lines also represent the serpents of knowledge; the parts of the body ruled by Aquarius, the ankles and the circulatory system; and lightning that cleans air and leaves that "ozone buzz." Remember that this name doesn't refer to the water itself but to its carrier: Aquarius is the "water bearer," the most human of the signs.

Water Bearers will do anything to avoid boredom, and they care little for what others think, especially once they've determined their own particular cause. Their ambition is for humankind rather than just themselves, and you'll find some of the great progressive thinkers here: Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for example.


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