Virgin Rising The Virgo 6 Ascendant

> Keynote: a process of self-improvement and refinement

> Training for finding the sacred patterns of the universe

When you meet Rising Virgins, the first thing you notice may be that they're refined and soft-spoken. A man with Virgin Rising may look like a quintessential British gentleman. They may not say much until they've adequately sized you and the situation up. Because these people are analytical, they'll probably ask you several questions, rather than assume anything. Rising Virgins also can be very witty people, because they're Mercury-ruled.

Rising Virgins are learning to develop a new understanding of how they can contribute to our present culture and the nature of sacred work in today's world. Once they understand what their sacred work is, they can learn to co-create with the patterns of the Universe.

Rising Virgins may be learning to put things in perspective, or they may have a tendency to let small details take on meanings far beyond their actual importance. Work will matter a great deal to Rising Virgos and may well be their most effective mask.

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