Uranus Born to Be Wild

Uranus is the Ice Man—invention, originality, sudden or unexpected change, and revolution, as well as breakthroughs, radicals, and radical ideas. The first of the three "late discoveries," Uranus was first found in 1781, so its connection with revolution should not come as a surprise.

Uranus both questions and challenges authority, and transcends business-as-usual social and cultural ideas to arrive at new solutions. Uranus insists on our freedom, but it also understands that humans need to learn about freedom one step at a time.

Uranus is the planet of intuition and the sixth sense, the ruler of astrologers and inventors, and is also closely associated with electricity, technology, and electronics.

It takes Uranus 84 years to complete its orbit around the Sun and seven years to move from one sign into another. In 1996 it passed out of Capricorn—a tough place for Uranus—into Aquarius, its natural sign. Uranus is the planet of the future, of science, and innovation, and its domain is all that is unusual, different, or unorthodox.

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