Twins Rising The Gemini 3 Ascendant

> Keynote: emotion in motion

> Training for truthful communication

Motion. That's what you're going to see in a Rising Twin. Restlessness is the hallmark of this ascendant, and Rising Twins find their identity by making as many contacts as possible. Rising Twins are often the life of the party and, in fact, are often giving the party!

At the same time, Rising Twins are learning to be the eternal youth, free spirit, entertainer, artist, or comedian. They can also be the troubadour minstrel, the court jester, the trickster, or clown, or the coyote that leaves a surprise. Remember that the court jester was the only one who could tell the King the truth and not be killed for it (another form of messenger). Rising Twins are learning these abilities, as well as how to communicate truthfully without getting creamed for it!

A Gemini ascendant will appear excitable and quick—and also prone to upset. At the same time, there's an aloofness here: Twins' connections are made on a mental field, which can often leave the emotional out in the cold.

Rising Twins' motion may mask many things, but remember, an ascendant is just that—a mask. And if anyone knows how to wear a mask, it's a Rising Twin!

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