The Sun the Moon the Planets and the Nodes

As your self, your willpower, and your creativity, your Sun is the strongest representation of who you really are. For simplicity, the Sun and the Moon are called planets, too, because from Earth's vantage point they move across the sky just as the planets do.

Planets represent different energies within ourselves and our society, and are divided into personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), social planets (Jupiter and Saturn), and transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto).

In addition, every planet has a symbolic representation, which is used as a sort of abbreviation when it's placed on a birth chart.

The following table introduces each planet's symbol, and the energies of each planet.

The Planets




The Personal Planets

Sun Moon Mercury Venus


The Social Planets Jupiter H


The Transpersonal Planets

Uranus *

Neptune Pluto

Self, essence, life spirit, creativity, willpower Emotions, instincts, unconscious, past memories Mental activities, communication, intelligence Love, art, beauty, social graces, harmony, money, resources, possessions

Physical energy, boldness, warrior ways, action, desires, anger, courage, ego

Luck, abundance, wisdom, higher education, philosophy or beliefs, exploration, growth Responsibilities, self-discipline, perseverance, limitations, structure

Sudden or unexpected change, originality, liberation, radicalness, intuition, authenticity

Idealism, subconscious, spirituality, intuition, clairvoyance

Power, regeneration, destruction, rebirth, transformation

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