The Sun Mr BIG

As the central, life-giving force of our solar system, the Sun naturally plays an important role in what you are like, describing the nature of your individual approach to life itself. When you ask someone what their sign is, the answer will be their Sun sign. But as you probably can see by now, your Sun sign is only the beginning. It characterizes your sense of purpose, creativity, willpower, and how you develop consciousness, as well as begins to answer the question, "Who am I?" But there's a whole lot more to you than your senses of self and purpose, right?

According to Cheyenne myth, it was Grandmother Spider who brought the light of the Sun to the people, carrying just enough in a bowl she made of clay to light the sky slowly from east to west. Even today, the spider's web looks just like the Sun and its rays, and the spider rises to spin her web early in the morning, before the Sun is fully up.

For more information about the specific possibilities of the Sun in each sign, you should refer back to the detailed Sun sign profiles in Chapters 5-8. But for information on other dimensions of yourself and that "whole lot more," keep reading.

The Moon is the third part of what could be called the most important triangle of astrology: the combination of Sun sign, ascendant, and Moon sign. Mother Moon, the body closest to Earth in the sky, represents what could be called your feminine side, and in fact, the Moon has four primary phases, each one representing a different aspect of the feminine nature. The Moon's phases consist of the new Moon, waxing Moon (first quarter), full Moon, and waning Moon (third quarter). But there are also dark moons and blue moons to consider!

> The early crescent or new Moon is the young maiden—also represented by Taurus—and its corresponding myth is Diana the Hunter with her bow. This Moon enjoys all the possibilities before her.

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