The Sixth House 9 to

Often called the House of Service, the Sixth House is concerned with both service and health. This is the area of your daily responsibilities and is the house of your coworkers, too. You could think of your sixth house as the work you've got to do.

The Sixth House is naturally ruled by Virgo, and its corresponding planet is Mercury. This translates into gaining fulfillment through skills that are of value to others: If we don't develop our own special competence at doing something meaningful to us that also helps others, then we end up working at meaningless jobs.

But your sixth house is also about your responsibilities, how you help and are of service to the world. What planets reside in your sixth house can indicate whether you're an optimist or pessimist in your daily work, and the health problems you may be prone to. When people aren't fulfilled by their work, after all, they have a strong tendency to get sick.

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