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Vocational astrology assesses your various personality traits and needs, your productive resources and capabilities, your special talents, and the paths you have taken up to now, as well as what type of work you will find rewarding in order to recommend the best possibilities for your career. Imagine—all this, just from carefully studying your birth chart.

What kind of work you will do is related to your Sun sign—but it's not quite that simple. Let's use the example of a Gemini Sun sign, which signals work in communications. You might be a journalist or teacher, a writer, someone who creates Web sites, or you might work in advertising. Maybe you'll be a manager, negotiate contracts, or work as a partner in a business.

Or, you might travel or work with foreign trade, work in publishing, the legal system, or teach at a university. There's obviously a great deal more to choosing your vocation or career than just what your Sun sign can predict.


Vocational astrology studies your potentials in order to determine your career or path.

All these examples deal with communications in some way, right? But they're all very different ways of working in communications. Vocational astrologers never look at just your Sun sign—and neither should you.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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