The Scorpions Score

How many Scorpios does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. They like it in the dark.

Scorps are intense. They're dealing, after all, with life and death—and, by extension, with birth and sex. Scorpions are all about mystery, about how that poison stinger can so quickly change life into death, and Scorps can be both penetrating and incisive. Scorpio is one of the signs that has two rulers, Pluto and Mars. That's why this sign can be quite a warrior, and very powerful. Combined with their fixed nature, these people never give up!

Like all water signs, Scorps are more concerned with feelings than appearances, but as a fixed sign, they're often resistant to change as well. Scorps' ability to see through others' facades can serve them well, and they can wait forever for the right moment to get even or make their move.

Scorps are constantly probing beneath the obvious face of things, seeking what lies beneath. One of their rulers is Pluto, the invisible planet that rules beginnings and ends, both of which, like Pluto itself, occur out of natural sight.

Scorpions' intensity and probing may make them sound humorless and frightening, but these same characteristics create both passion and excitement as well. You may feel as if a Scorpion is looking right through you, but the feeling may be an invigorating one!

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