The Ramifications of Being Aries

How many Aries does it take to screw in a light bulb? One, but you better get the hell out of the way.

It's no accident that Aries is the first sign; if it hadn't been, it would have rearranged the zodiac to get there! Aries is the sign of the pioneer, of the daredevil, of the person who just won't say "No." In legend, the Ram often came to the rescue, and, in fact, that's how Aries ended up as a constellation—as a reward from Jupiter for trying to save some children from the machinations of their wicked stepmother.

Nothing can stop the Ram; as the first of the cardinal signs, no one has a stronger will. Rams want to be where the action is and will do anything to make sure they get there first. Don't stand in a Ram's way—you're likely to get run down by this Butthead of the zodiac!

Rams are the only fire sign with a cardinal quality, which means they like to start things, but may not want to finish them. Because they're also a fire sign, they're enthusiastic and impulsively go off to start something without giving it much thought beforehand. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, true, but rushing in takes great courage, and Rams have plenty of that!

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