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In Chapter 4, "There's More to You Than Just Your Sun Sign," you read about rulerships. Now, as rulers of particular signs, planets are the "landlords of the houses with their signs on them. You could think of these planets as the ones that are collecting the rent, making sure the toilets flush and the lawn gets mowed.

Landlord planets "own" the houses they're in charge of, so they have the final say about what's happening in that area of your life. In other words, no matter which planets are "renting," or "in" a house, the landlord's the one calling the shots.

Here's where we need to review the rulership of signs in order to determine the ruler of each house in your chart. Once again, we'll use Steven Spielberg's chart to show you what we mean. And we've also provided you with a list of planetary rulers.

Natural Planetary Rulers

Planet Sign(s) Ruled

Moon @ Cancer S

Mercury # Gemini 3, Virgo 6

Venus $ Taurus 2, Libra 7

Mars % Aries 1, co-ruler of Scorpio 8


The planetary ruler of a sign is the "landlord" of the house with that sign on its door—or cusp. As such, that planet is "in charge" of what occurs in that area of life.


Sign(s) Ruled

Jupiter H

Sagittarius 9, co

-ruler of Pisces =

Saturn &

Capricorn 0, co

-ruler of Aquarius

Uranus *

Aquarius —

Neptune (

Pisces =

Pluto )

Scorpio 8, co-ruler of Aries 1




Sign on Cusp

Landlord or Ruler


Cancer S

Moon @


Leo 5

Sun ©


Leo 5

Sun ©


Virgo 6

Mercury #


Libra 7

Venus $


Sagittarius 9

Jupiter H


Capricorn 0

Saturn &


Aquarius —

Uranus * and Saturn &


Aquarius —

Uranus * and Saturn &


Pisces =

Neptune ( and Jupiter H


Aries 1

Mars % and Pluto )


Gemini 3

Mercury #

Even if a house appears "empty" on a birth chart, it nonetheless has a landlord. The planets in any house are sort of "renting" the area, but, once again, the landlord has the final say about what goes on in that area of life. The exception to this is when a landlord actually occupies the house it rules; in that case, it's not a renter, but an in-residence landlord—so it's going to be keeping a particularly close eye on what goes on in that house.

No matter where the landlord "lives," though, if it's not in the house it rules, whatever is happening to it affects the house it owns as well—we could say that the house is "owned" by an absentee landlord.

Let's use Spielberg's Aries on the eleventh-house cusp as an example. Mars would be the landlord here. Now, whatever sign the landlord is in will change the way it acts— its style, in other words. On Spielberg's chart, his Mars is in Capricorn in the Sixth House, indicating that he's hardworking, ambitious, and that his energies are well controlled. Additionally, Mars is next to his Sun in Sagittarius, providing plenty of energy to fulfill his dreams, hopes, and wishes (the area of the Eleventh House).

This shows that the groups (eleventh house) that Spielberg works with are pioneering (Aries) in some way and have a vision of the future or are seeking the truth (Sun in Sagittarius next to Mars the ruler). Because Mars is in the Sixth House, we can also see that he works with the groups that help him achieve his goals on a daily basis.

This brief example begins to show you just how interconnected all the areas of your life are. You probably already knew that—but astrology maps it out for you.

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