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The meaning of numbers and their corresponding astrological signs form an insightful partnership. Although few authors agree on which number belongs to which planet or sign, we have decided to give a brief look at the qualities of each number and the similar qualities in astrological signs. The numerology sign is not meant to equal the astrological sign; rather, the astrological sign helps us recognize the qualities the numbers described. But enough explaining. Here's our rendition.

Number 1

Number 1 is independent, pioneering, and headstrong and rules beginnings: It is the Aries energy. A number 1 person has a purpose, wants results, and is impatient to get on with it. Number 1s meet challenges with courage and self-reliance and often have strong opinions. They are determined initiative takers. In fact, if you're around a 1, you might just have to get out of the way: Number 1s like to have their own way!

Number 2

Number 2 is the symbol of relationships, unity, diplomacy, and a love of peace. Number 2s want harmony at all costs. They are sensitive and in need of balancing the opposites in their life. They're arbitrators and pleasers—diplomatic, modest, and considerate. The number 2 is the energy of Libra.

Number 3

Expressive number 3 is full of humor, talent, creativity, enthusiasm, and vivaciousness— the joybringer. Number 3s thrive on creative expression, drama, writing, and speaking. They rule words and expression and are often writers, actors, and public speakers. Threes have great ability to influence others with their words, expressiveness, warmth, and outgoing style. A 3's enthusiasm for life attracts friends and happiness. Number 3 shares qualities with two signs—can you guess which?—Leo and Sagittarius.

Number 4

The number 4 person requires stability and security. It is the number of the foundation builder, the hard worker. The number 4 is about putting down roots—life is serious, after all, and must have order. Hard work, family roots, the home, and health are all in the domain of 4s, who follow the rules, are good managers, and are always economical: Waste is verboten. We cast the 4 as Taurus energy.

Number 5

Magnetic, energetic, and restless, number 5 lives for change and to be free. These people are curious, adventurous, and interested in metaphysics and progressive thinking. This Gemini energy is always looking for ways to be unrestricted and free from routine. Number 5s are curious about the latest information, good at sales, and promote themselves and others easily. Flexibility and adaptability make them easy travelers.

Number 6

Number 6 is about responsibility, duty, and protection of the family. It is the number of the nurturer, and family and home are central in 6s' lives. They love to beautify things—the home, the office, the yard, the kids. Six is the number of the heart: Romance, marriage, divorce, and love—deep love, not the flirtatious-fling type—are all ruled by the number 6. A 6 is a natural teacher and counselor, and this nurturing number belongs to the Cancer soul.

Number 7

Analytical and private, number 7 needs silence and solitude. This mystical number is introspective in nature and is usually involved in the search for wisdom, seeking scientific investigation or pursuing sacred patterns. Number 7s specialize in some area and are often sought after for their wisdom. They are unusual, even eccentric, and sometimes loners; they love the soulfulness of nature. Seven is considered a spiritual number and is sometimes called the Christ consciousness number. We assign the blended qualities of analytical Virgo and mystical Pisces to number 7.

Number 8

Number 8 is about ambition, money, business, and achievement. It is the number of the CEO, the expert, the authority. The number 8 is the number of power, especially personal power, and learning to be authentic. Excellent organizers and visionary business managers, 8s are usually the boss—or need to be. They deal with the material world, acquiring money, investing, and using this success to serve a higher purpose. They are in charge of society's structures and are learning to use power responsibly. The number 8 belongs to Capricorn.

Number 9

Nine is the number of endings, finishing, and completion. It is the end of a cycle and considered the last number in numerology (1 to 9). The number 9 has the properties of all the numbers inherent in its power. It is intuitive, emotional, capable of deep empathy, and has come to learn compassion. Number 9s must learn to feel deep concern while remaining detached. This number also is associated with the ability to rise from the ashes of despair and begin again.

Nine rules transformation, global concern, and universal love, as well as the arts and a desire to achieve brotherly (and sisterly) love. If 9s pursue a life of personal gain, there will tend to be losses and heartaches until they enlarge their sphere and begin working for the good of others. Then great rewards are theirs in both love and wealth. Number 9 is the energy of the Scorpio.

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