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You could think of the Moon's Nodes as the particular tensions in your life: the pull and comfort of the past versus the fear of and uncertainty of the future. Always exactly opposite each other on your birth chart, your Nodes are the push-me-pull-you energies in your life.

Your South Node indicates lessons and talents that you have already mastered, what could be perceived as the "easy way out." Your South Node is your past, your history, and who you've been, and is generally believed to represent a composite of your past lives.

Astrology as a whole does not assume a belief in past lives, but certain branches of astrology do. Even if you don't believe in reincarnation, the lessons of the South Node still apply. You can think of them as your genes or family background, your childhood, or your psychological baggage. We'll be talking about lessons and evolutionary paths, but the interpretation is up to you.

Since you've already mastered these skills, talents, and lessons, there's no growth, learning, or challenge when you continue to use them. You also won't get any "kudos" or appreciation for using those skills, even though you do them very well. And when you do use these aspects of yourself, you'll find it depleting to do so. This is the Universe's way of encouraging you to follow the growth path of your North Node.

Your North Node indicates lessons you are here to learn, what could be perceived as "the hard way" —but worth the effort. Your North Node is your future, your greatest opportunities for growth—in short, your development path. This is where you will find fulfillment, increased confidence, and rewards for your efforts, the areas where you'll gain new knowledge, new ideas, and all types of growth, which in turn will lead to fruition.

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