The Ninth House Dont Know Much About History

Your ninth house is where everything from higher education to philosophy and religion, from law to travel and foreign concerns reside. It also includes the medical system and politics, and all areas of collective thought structures. In addition, it's the area involved in the development of a social conscience.

This is the house of mental exploration and long-distance travel, and its traditional name is The House of Long Journeys Over Water. We love the sound of that—and seeing new cultures and more of the world is one way to gain a new perspective of the world in general.

Your ninth house also is the place where you'll find your patterns of behavior—and how you break them. This is where you'll confront the tendency of your life to become routine—and where you'll encounter the unpredictable that may break up that routine, primarily because it's our beliefs, religion, and philosophical systems that are behind everything we do.

You could think of your ninth house as your mental "model of the universe" —but remember, your model is but one of many. Unsuccessfully navigated, your ninth house can become a place where you mistake that model for the real world. Successfully navigated, it's the place where you'll make room in your life for miracles.

In addition to being where your cultural customs and beliefs exist, this house also is where you'll find how you publicly convey your ideas and beliefs. And the Ninth House also is considered the house of publishing and teaching.

Naturally associated with Sagittarius on its cusp, the Ninth House is the house of the higher mind and exploration, especially of philosophical subjects. The planet that naturally rules the Ninth House is Jupiter, the planet of abundance—or, when overdone, misfortune.

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