The Moon Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered

> The waxing, first-quarter Moon represents a young woman just ready to flower, including the mythical Persephone, who's spirited away by Hades at the height of her beauty because he can't resist it.

> Then there's the Full Moon, the mother pregnant and full with her baby, who gives birth. This Moon is associated with Cancer and the fertility goddesses.

> Next, there's the waning last- or third-quarter Moon, associated with Virgo, the earth Goddess, who is responsible for the harvest. This Moon represents the mature woman who must release her child (like Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, or Mary and Christ) so the child can fulfill his destiny.

> The dark Moon is associated with the old crone, the wise woman. This is also Scorpio, or Hecate, who has knowledge of healing and other ancient wisdom and who mourns for the loss of her child.


Base instincts, huh? Many believe that all sorts of odd human behavior are due to the Full Moon, and many legends (think of werewolves, for example) have grown from that belief. Hospitals have long noted an increase in emergency room visits during Full Moons, and civil unrest is more likely to occur during these periods as well.

As you can see, the Moon is the main model for all the feminine energies and roles. Now in a man's chart, the Moon represents his feminine side, which he may choose to project through the women in his life—his mother, lover, or wife, for example—if he doesn't express it directly.

But there's still more to the Moon—it also represents your mother, or the nurturing person who raised you—and this is true regardless of gender. Women, though, tend to internalize this and express it more directly than men, who often express their Moon by projecting it through the women in their life. Nowadays, though, men are probably more likely than ever before to show more of their feminine energy and express their feelings.

Because we've called your Sun your sense of purpose and self, let's call your Moon your emotions. On your chart, the sign where your Moon is reveals your emotional nature, memories, habits, and patterns, especially your unconscious patterns.

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