The Healthy Lion

No one is healthier than Lions; the ailments that touch the rest of us seem to pass them by. This strength is due in no small part to Leo's rulership of the back, spine, and heart: Even the words suggest Lions' strength.

But Lions can be less strong emotionally. When they fail to get the adoration and respect they deserve, they can become physically ill. And Lions, like all cats, can be lazy, too; the only evidence of life in them may be the continual twitching of their long tails.

Because Leo rules the spine and heart, these areas also can cause them trouble when things don't go well. They may make a trip to the chiropractor or a cardiologist to get them back on track, but it's also important for them to deal with the underlying emotions that set off the problems to begin with.

Lions need plenty of magnesium and calcium on a 1:1 ratio to protect their hearts (a muscle) and circulatory systems. And Lions need to pay more attention to their potassium and salt balance than other people, because that balance is very important for their hearts. Coenzyme Q10, an enzyme that strengthens the heart, may also provide them with additional energy when they get older.

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