The Company You Keep

Your relationships are based on all the planets, signs, and houses in your birth chart—and how they interact with all the planets, signs, and houses in other people's charts. (And here you thought it was that great new hairstyle.) Relationship astrology studies just how compatible two (or more) people are, taking into account all the different aspects between the people, as well as what type of relationship it is.

Relationship astrology can tell whether two people are emotionally, mentally, or sexually compatible, and whether they would work well together as partners, as boss and employee, "just be good friends"—or recommend they avoid each other like the plague. And while you can't choose your family, with relationship astrology, at least you'll have fun exploring your family's dys"fun"ction. Who knows, maybe you'll gain some valuable insights.


Astrological charts can be interpreted and understood on many different levels. The same astrological symbol can represent events in your childhood, people in your life, an internalized psychological complex, or a spiritual lesson. Don't assume that if you know one possible interpretation for a particular item, you understand it completely. To fully understand your chart (or anything in it) takes time, patience, and plenty of study. Remember, there's more to a book than its

Relationship astrology studies people's charts to determine their compatibility—or incompatibility.

Relationship astrology also can tell you when one person in a relationship will want to control the other one and in what ways—devious, bold, good-intentioned, steam-rolling, empowering, manipulative, unconscious—the assault will be launched. Relationship astrology can determine if you have similar or conflicting value systems or beliefs, as well as many other specific issues and strengths. Relationship astrology, in other words, can save you a whole lot of heartache and headaches right from the start. So pay attention, okay? In Chapter 23, "Should You Love the One You're With?" we'll be taking a closer look at relationship astrology.

In some countries where marriages are arranged, astrologers are consulted first to determine if the two people are compatible. Only then is the couple approved for marriage by the families.
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