The Best and Worst of Twins

Twins can be amusing, witty, quick, and flexible— and they can be glib, sarcastic, fickle, and devious.

Two sides of the same coin, and all too easy for a Twin to flip back and forth between them. At their best, Twins are masters of invention, clever and adaptable, never afraid to try something new. But this same eagerness to try everything can lead them to be scatterbrained or restless, even unreliable or ungrateful.

At their weakest, Twins can run themselves to emotional exhaustion, or feel that nothing matters. At their strongest, their wide variety of interests brings them many friends and experiences, and their quick mind enables them to take it all in. You can always count on a Twin to be the life of the party!

Twins' flexibility and adaptability arise because this is a mutable sign—and mutability means changeability. They also are very resourceful because they've seen so much, and that's part of their mutability too—the more you're willing to change, after all, the more you're going to see.

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