The Best and Worst of Scorpions

Scorps use what many astrologers call Scorpionic power to achieve their ends. But maybe we should just look at that power itself, because Scorpio is the zodiac's most powerful sign.

In pop astrology, you'll often find this power called sex, and yes, Scorpios do have a strongly developed sexuality. Sometimes, though, they may disguise this even from themselves, in which case they may constantly be seeking something they can't quite name.

Sometimes Scorps sublimate this energy into other projects, and they may be very aware of doing it. At their worst, they may choose to use their magnetism to coerce others in fanatical ways, like Scorpio Charles Manson!

At their best, Scorpios are magnetic leaders, like Billy Graham: shrewd, faith-inspiring, compassionate, and brave. At their worst, they're manipulative, vengeful, or even cruel. Like the nuclear energy that shares Pluto's rule, they can use their power for good or evil, and Scorps would do well to use their tremendous energy and power in positive ways, such as healing and learning control.

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