The Best and Worst of Scales

Scales are social creatures, ready to share their experience with others, and quick to form partnerships. Friendly, popular, and attractive, they often are idealistic as well, eager to talk about their high principles and lofty ideas with any who will listen.

But Scales can seem affected or insincere, too eager to compromise, or worse, indecisive. Scales are often so busy weighing each side of an issue that they can never come to a conclusion or decision. Also, in their need to please others, they may forget to please themselves. Scales need to be aware of their own needs and meet them, too, not just those of other people.

At their best, though, Scales understand that their strength lies in creating and maintaining relationships. Scales seek to find their perfect complement, their other half, to complete the balance. They also want to find balance in other things, not just relationships.

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