The Best and Worst of

Rams are assertive, direct, and straightforward, but this also means that they can be aggressive, blunt, or impatient. Strong-willed Rams can be remarkably single-minded once they have a goal in sight, but this single-mindedness can make them tactless, blind to side issues, or just plain irritating.


Qualities represent different types of activities and are related to where in a season a sign falls. Cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Cancer—start each season and are signs of beginnings.

Rams like challenges and are often wonderful leaders. Their courage can inspire others to follow their lead, and their confidence and enthusiasm get everybody where they're going.

But anyone who likes a challenge also likes a good fight, and Rams can be argumentative. At their worst, they're steamrollers, running over anything that stands in their way. But at their best, Rams are idea people who can inspire others to help those ideas see the light of day.

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