The Best and Worst of Lions

Because Leo is a fixed sign, Lions can be determined, stubborn, or even habit-bound, but confident Lions are born to lead, and they're proud, courageous, and self-assured to a fault. Lions can be generous, commanding, ambitious, and proud, and this means they can also be intolerant, demanding, self-righteous, and vain. Lions can lead others to tremendous victories, but they can be ruthless with their enemies, though their memories are short and they also are quick to forgive.

Because Lions are always leading, they are often surrounded by yes-men and sycophants. This, in turn, can lead to gullibility, because Lions are easily flattered and can forget that not all may love them. And, as much fun as they can be, they also can become overbearing or self-centered if things aren't going their way.

Because Leo is a fixed sign, Lions are exceptionally loyal, and so expect loyalty in return as well. They are very up-front about their needs and expectations, and this lack of guile can also be their undoing; Lions might do well to trust a little less, but they expect adulation, and others can't help but give it to them.

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