The Best and Worst of Crabs

At their best, Crabs are dependable, loving, adaptable, and self-sacrificing, which means at their worst, they're clinging, over-sensitive, moody, and smothering. Want a money manager? Let a Crab handle it. Need an advance? Better have those numbers ready! Late for dinner? Tell Crab your sob story. Didn't show up at all? Better move to another town!

Because one of us is a Crab, we know how easily Crabs are distracted, and how anything can set Crabs' imaginations running—in another direction. Crabs are always off on tangents. Picture a crab on the beach, always moving sideways rather than forward. They do get where they're going, often without the rest of us realizing they've done it. Sneaky? Yes, Crabs can be sneaky. Clever? Yes, they're that, too. Don't ever take a Crab for granted, that's for sure. They'll leave you standing in the sand, wondering which way they've gone!

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The Art Of Astrology

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