The Best and Worst of Archers

Archers thrive on independence and freedom, and they never tire of a change of scenery. Sure, they may forget your date or miss that important deadline, but they're always the life of the party, and just plain fun!

Archers' enthusiasm is bound to be contagious, but their lack of commitment can annoy other more responsible signs. Their generosity may spill into excessiveness; their optimism may make them blind to details; and their honesty can make their remarks sound blunt or inconsiderate. But the carefree adventurousness of Sagittarius can be a welcome change.

Most dangerous to Archers can be their tendency toward dogma. Because they're seeking a universal truth rather than an individual one, they may mistake a trend for that truth and then become rather preachy about its powers. But Archers truly do wish to

unite all people under one idea, and if they believe they've found it, they're eager to share it with all.

Still, for Archers, it's the getting there that's more than half the fun: Archers love travel, new places, and seeking. Go along for the ride if you dareā€”and if you're an Archer yourself, you won't think twice!


This is the symbol for Sagittarius, the Archer:

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