Scorp in Love

While Scorps may know everyone else's heart of hearts, they'll seldom reveal their own. When they do, though, they'll also be sharing a depth of passion no other sign can. Like their relatives the spiders, Scorps will weave a web of romance, attracting partners with their intricacy and magnetism. But they're also quick to retreat if they feel threatened—and once Scorps have hidden, it may be hard to get them to reveal themselves again. You'd also do well not to injure a Scorp in love; their vengeance has a long memory and a fierce sting!

Don't forget that Scorpio is a water sign—sometimes emotional, sometimes moody, always slow to commit but very loyal once they do. Other water signs may be the most comfortable match for Scorp romance—Scorp may see other signs' approaches to love with too much clarity for romance.

Earth signs, like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—fed by water—can do very well with Scorps. And Taurus is Scorps' opposite, as well, very sensuous and pleasure-loving, an interesting match for Scorpio's intensity.

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