Scales at Work

Social Libras shine at work: They are often leaders, showing others the way, but with their need for balance and harmony, they are often partners, too, using their knack for balance and harmony with others to achieve great things.

Scales' charm comes into play at work, too: They often have a knack for public relations or sales. Or Scales' love of beauty may translate into a career in the arts, or in fashion or interior design.

You might expect Scales to be judges and lawyers, but though they often are found in these fields, their tendency to vacillate rather than come to a final decision can sometimes hamper them.

But these same qualities can make Scales fine counselors, where their ability to hear two sides of an issue rather than take sides is a decided asset. And for the same reason, they can be remarkable teachers, translating a broad array of ideas into a range of possibilities.

Money for Scales is a means to an end, and that end is beauty and harmony. Scales need to be aware, though, that things and their appearance cannot give or replace inner security and harmony, and in fact, they may find that hanging on to a little "mad money" could bring them much closer to such balance than they would have thought possible.

Scales are more likely to invest in things and people than in long-term securities, because they like to see an immediate return on their investment—in the form of beauty and harmony. The inward reflects the outward here as in no other sign: To Scales, appearances really do matter.

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