Saturn Just the Facts Maam

While Jupiter represents your expansive side, Saturn's all about responsibility, rules, and regulations. Your Saturn is concerned with self-discipline and self-respect, your lessons, duties, and limitations, and also represents the authority figures in your life. Later in life, it also represents your own authority.

While Saturn's not going to be telling a whole lot of jokes, he is responsible for whatever lasting achievements you earn, especially your triumphs over obstacles. Saturn is your ambitious side and so is well aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Saturn also is about security and safety, and as such is the teacher of the zodiac, with many lessons to impart—if we pay attention. In other words, if you don't get your homework for your life lessons done, there won't be any reward until you do!

Many refer to Saturn as the policeman of the zodiac, but we think that this is limiting and doesn't really show all the areas where Saturn's energy is manifested. After all, your Saturn is reflected in your perseverance, too.

Courage and Confidence

Courage and Confidence

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