Rams in Love

Rams in love won't take "No" for an answer; they'll pursue their beloved to the ends of the world—and beyond, if necessary. Rams have the happiest love matches with other fire signs: other Aries, or Leos, or Sagittarians; signs who, like Ram, crave excitement and passion.

In fact, if those fires don't keep burning, don't expect Rams to stick around. They like relationships that can contain the fire, and may seek lovers who are dependent on them for love but independent in other ways.

Rams can be jealous; they expect their love to give them the same fiery attention that they're giving. But Rams also enjoy sharing everything with a lover they trust, and their ambition for those they love, like their ambition for themselves, knows no bounds.

Rams and all air signs do well together: Ram's opposite, Libra, for example, can provide some air to keep the fire burning, but Ram may get tired of Libra's standards. The other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, can also feed Ram's fire. But Ram is not a

"householder" sign and that's one reason why it doesn't do well with Cancer and Capricorn. Love requires compromise and meeting the needs of others, and this is very hard for Rams to do!

From a mythic point of view, Aries is the cowboy of the American West, the Rugged Individualist, the Virgin Amazon, Wild Woman, or even the goddess Diana or Artemis. None of these types are high on settling down to build a nest, especially when they're young. These are adventurers, and they don't care much about dirty dishes or sniveling kids.

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