Qualities Three to Get Ready

The qualities represent different types of activity. Think of the way a season progresses, from its forceful beginning, its fixed middle, and its transitional ending. This is what the qualities represent: each season, as it moves through its paces—and its three signs.

You'll notice on the following figure that the qualities in each of the signs form a square; that's one of the reasons they're called the quadruplicities (the other reason is that there are four signs for each quality). Signs that share a quality share certain characteristics as well.


If you are a male in a yin sign, or a female in a yang sign, it doesn't mean you need to research hormone therapy. It simply means your sign has an energy that is one-half of the natural life force of everything that lives. Black/white. Positive/ negative. Up/down. Internal/ external. Two halves of the same whole. That's all there is to it.

The Signs and Their Qualities




Aries 1

Taurus 2

Gemini 3

Cancer S

Leo 5

Virgo 6

Libra 7

Scorpio 8

Sagittarius 9

Capricorn 0

Aquarius —

Pisces =

The first quality, for the first sign in each season (Aries in spring, Cancer in summer, Libra in autumn, and Capricorn in winter), is called cardinal. People with cardinal quality signs are independent; they seek to move ahead, to start new things, and they can be proactive and enterprising. They also can be impatient if others don't move as quickly as they do, but they're independent, too—the signs of beginnings. In addition, once they get something started and established, cardinal people tend to lose interest in the project—instead, they're off to start something else. Remember, it's a certain type of person who likes to start things, and if you've got heavy cardinal influences in your chart, you're just that kind of person.

In the midst of each season, we have what is called the fixed quality. People with fixed quality signs (Taurus in spring, Leo in summer, Scorpio in autumn, and Aquarius in winter) are consistent, reliable, determined, and persistent. They often have great reserves of power, but they also can become stubborn, or set in their ways—these are, after all, characteristics needed to preserve what has already been started. Remember, though, that people with fixed quality signs are the ones who, once cardinal people have started things, take over from there.

The end of each season signifies a time of change, and so the signs in this placement are called mutable. People with mutable quality signs (Gemini in spring, Virgo in summer, Sagittarius in autumn, and Pisces in winter) adapt easily, are flexible and resourceful, are quick to learn, and can see issues from more than one angle. They also can lack perseverance, but this is precisely because they're adaptable and flexible. That's what's needed to make transitions—after all, they've already seen the beginning and the middle of the process.

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