Pluto in the Second House

With a second-house Pluto, you have a strong survival instinct and need to develop self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Your primary identity may be focused on either 1) your sense of values, including power and possessions, or 2) your abilities, talents, and resources for earning an income. In all cases, your soul's evolutionary intent is to grow beyond the limitations of the way you've identified your self-sustenance by merging your resources, talents, or possessions with others. For example, if you've been equating material gain with self-worth or self-sustainment, you'll need to reassess this and learn about the deeper aspects of life. If, on the other hand, you're focused on your talents, earning abilities, or spiritual values, then you'll need to learn how to tie them to a social need in order to support yourself. You can be stubborn, defensive, or even lazy, but you also possess stability and inner strength, which you can use to promote self-reliance in others.

Strong and Confident You

Strong and Confident You

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