Planetary Rulers

Every planet naturally "rules" one or more of the signs, and so, also naturally, certain planets and certain signs share certain characteristics. Planetary rulership means that a planet is "in charge" of a sign. For instance, no matter what sign Mars or the Sun is in, they are still in charge of Aries and Leo, respectively. And Leo, like the Sun, is bright and optimistic, while Aries, like Mars, is energetic and on-the-move. Following are the planets and the signs they rule:


The Nodes physically represent moving points that relate to the Moon's orbit around the Earth. Astrologically, the South Node n represents your heredity or your past, and the North Node N represents your possibilities for growth and where your future lies.


Planetary rulers are in charge of certain signs, and so these planets and signs share certain characteristics.

Planetary Rulers


Sign(s) Ruled

Sun ©

Leo 5

Moon @

Cancer S

Mercury #

Gemini 3, Virgo 6

Venus $

Taurus 2, Libra 7

Mars %

Aries 1, co-ruler of Scorpio 8

Jupiter H

Sagittarius 9, co-ruler of Pisces =

Saturn &

Capricorn 0, co-ruler of Aquarius

Uranus *

Aquarius —

Neptune (

Pisces =

Pluto )

Scorpio 8, co-ruler of Aries 1

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