Personal Retrogrades Self Expression

For an example of personal retrogrades, take a look at Steven Spielberg's chart in Chapter 9, "Ascendants: The Mask You Wear for the World." Notice his Pluto ) and Saturn & in Leo 5 in the Second House, and his Uranus * in Gemini 3 in the Twelfth? Each of those (in addition to the degrees, which we haven't yet discussed) is followed by a symbol r—the symbol for retrograde. This means that both Spielberg's second-house Pluto and Saturn, plus his twelfth-house Uranus, were retrograde at the moment of his birth.

With Pluto and Saturn retrograde, Spielberg is rethinking power, authority, structure, and limitations, while with Uranus retrograde, he is reconsidering rebellion and the urge to reform others. This combination actually makes him more powerful, because when he decides to do something, he is very clear about what he's doing and what the outcomes are likely to be. After all, he's probably reconsidered them more than once.

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