Getting and Interpreting Your Astrological Chart

Don't skip this section: Besides seeing how a computer calculates your chart, you're going to learn some other very useful chart basics, such as aspects, transits, and progressions. You'll also find out how to interpret your astrological signature, and determine if you're reaping or sowing in this lifetime.

Did you know that you can use astrology as a personal map to make informed choices about your life decisions? Indeed you can. In the pages that follow you'll see just how to make the most of both the opportunities and challenges that await you.

Plus ... there's more to relationships than your Sun sign. Learn how to use your and your partner's Moon signs, ascendants, the signs and planets in your houses, and aspects to find out if your relationship is a match made in the heavens!

Chapter 19

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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