Good Heavens: Heavenly Bodies, Houses, and Your Astrological Chart

It's time to move beyond the Sun signs to planets in the signs and houses. Here is where it will be a good idea to have your birth chart in hand before you begin—but even if you don't, you may be able to figure out which planets you have in which signs and houses by the descriptions we provide.

The planets in the signs and houses represent your psychological needs. It's worth noting that Noel Tyl, a world-famous astrologer who holds a psychology degree from Harvard, pioneered the connection between psychological needs theory and astrology.

You'll also learn about planetary retrogrades, where the motion of a given planet appears, for a time, to be moving backward from Earth's perspective. You'll learn the difference between personal retrogrades and transiting retrogrades, and discover why knowing when planets are retrograde can help you chart your own course.

By the end of Part 3, you'll have a good, solid psychological profile—provided by your birth chart. Not bad for the money, huh?

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