Touring the Zodiac: Sun Signs and Ascendants

"Hi. What's your sign?" You may know the answer to that question, but that's only the beginning! Now you'll move beyond the basics to what your Sun sign and ascendant can tell you about yourself.

In the chapters that follow, you'll discover the best and worst of people in each sign, as well as how they behave in love, at home, at work, and with money. Then, you'll take a closer look at each ascendant, or rising sign—which is something quite separate from your Sun sign—and get more answers to the mystery that is you.

Chapter 5

In This Chapter

^ Aries 1, Taurus 2, and Gemini 3 are the signs of spring ^ Aries 1, the Ram: butting your way in ^ Taurus 2, the Bull: holding down the fort ^ Gemini 3, the Twins: keep on truckin'

The first three zodiac signs, Aries 1, Taurus 2, and Gemini 3, have little in common: Aries likes to get things going; Taurus likes to keep them as they are; and Gemini likes to talk about them! But they do have one thing in common: They're all signs of spring.

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