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Palmistry is an ancient mystical art that has its roots in many cultures. In the prehistoric caves of France, for example, cavemen left their handprints next to their animal drawings as signatures on their artwork. They had no formal written language, but their handprint was uniquely theirs and distinct from all other hands in their tribe. Often the symbols of the Sun or Moon accompanied these handprints.

In the pyramid crypts of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, the Pharaohs' palm prints, as well as their birth charts, were displayed on their tombs. In the text of the Hebrew mystical writings, the Kabbalah, there are references and diagrams of the palms of people and their connections to astrology and the Tree of Life. And, in the Hindu tradition, there has been a correlation of both birth charts and palmistry for forecasting one's destiny for many centuries.

All these ancient traditions connect the format of palmistry to that of astrology.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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