Oh What Fun It Is to Transform Ourselves

General transformation is a period when past issues that are no longer relevant are dug up and eliminated. This can include aspects of yourself that have been forgotten or repressed for so long, you no longer remember them.

This transit lasts almost two years, and by the time it ends, a person's life and consciousness are quite changed. Sometimes a person's life is completely rebuilt after this occurs. It's better to cooperate with the changes that need to happen to you during this period than resist them, because the consequences of resistance can be quite destructive. So if this is the cycle you've bumped into, then we strongly encourage you to get the message early, rather than later!

Transiting Pluto square natal Pluto is happening to many people who are still young, people who have half their lives to live at this higher level of consciousness. This unusual situation is one indicator of the High Renaissance period the Earth is experiencing now at the start of the new millennium—a time of rapid and profound change, growth, and transformation.

This early Pluto transit is going to happen—at least during this period in time—before or during the midlife crisis. So, by the time the midlife crisis is over, the men are separated from the boys and the women from the girls!

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